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You will also find that eBay is an excellent source for antique and vintage cookie jars, as well as new cookie jars.

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The Art of Cookie Jar Collecting

The joy of collecting cookie jars has expanded to people of all ages. Because of the wide variety of jars that exist, there are styles to accommodate any person’s tastes. Many online retailers hope to accommodate shoppers with their large selection of cookie jars collectibles.

From character cookie jars with Elvis Presley to Winnie the Pooh and Betty Boop, a large range of collectible cookie jars are on the market for any collector. Holiday inspired cookie jars exist, as well with Santa styles and candy cane designs. This wide representation of various cookie jars defines the large variety of cookie jars in the market.

Character Cookie Jars

Character cookie jars have been created for every type of buyer. Whether it’s for a child with Blues Clues, Cat in the Hat, or the Grinch (Dr. Seuss related), Disney characters or Harry Potters, a character cookie jar can be found for any young one in your life. Or perhaps you are looking for old time character cookie jars with characters such as Betty Boop, The Flintstones, Garfield, Looney Tunes, or the Pink Panther.

Memorabilia Cookie Jars

The constant demand for collectors’ vintage Coke memorabilia makes collecting more exciting for cookie jars collectors. Coca Cola cookie jars are created with different styles and personal preferences in mind. The result is a large selection of various types to satisfy the need of every cookie jar collector.

Animal Cookie Jars

Animal cookie jars have been created for every animal lover. Whether it’s a pig, rooster, pug dog, cat or bear, animal cookie jars exist with your favorite animal. Many animal cookie jars include popular characters in pop culture. From Garfield the Cat to Snoopy the dog, an animal character jar is sure to fit the needs of an animal lover in your life.

Cookie Jars Etc attempts to offer a large range of character, animal, themed and memorabilia cookie jars to fit the needs of every aged collector. From vintage Coca-Cola styles to Warner-Bros-related character cookie jars, the smile on your face when you find exactly what you’re looking for on Cookie Jars Etc is our greatest reward.
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The History of the Cookie Jar

Cookie Jar BooksCookie jars are so beloved today that it’s hard to imagine a time when they didn’t exist. However, before the 18th century there was no such thing. If a freshly made item was to be stored, it wouldn’t last more than a day, so there was really no need. Cookies would be wrapped in cloth or covered with a bowl. And with many snitches coming through the kitchen to grab a tasty morsel, there was sure to be nothing left by the end of the day. People baked fresh, and there were no preservatives. Hence, nothing to store or preserve.

That all changed in the 18th century when the British began making what they called biscuit tins. Their biscuits were the equivalent of a shortbread or tea cake and they needed somewhere to store them in the wealthier households for their 4:00 teas. The first cookie jars were actually jars with metal screw on lids, hence the name.

Cookie jars did not catch on in America until the Depression in late 1929. In the 1930s cookie jars were mostly made of stoneware. A company inCookie Jar Books Zaneville, Ohio, called the Brush Pottery Company changed the face of the cookie jar forever. They began making ceramic jars. The first one was green with the word cookie written across it. After that, cookie jars were made of ceramic and have been ever since.

Cookie jars have been popular to a certain degree ever since. They have been made in designs featuring dogs, cats, flowers, clowns, and just about every animal and theme that can be imagined. The more fanciful, the more collectors want the jars. Antique and vintage shops carry a varying array of jars from the past. Because these jars were actually used and passed down from grandmas to mother’s kitchen, many survived. It is one kitchen antique that can actually still be used in modern times.

Cookie Jar Books1987 was a big turning point for this collection item. Pop art legend Andy Warhol had amassed a collection of dozens from the tame to the wild. Upon his death, his collection was put on the auction block. It sold for over $200,000 and the cookie jar collecting craze was on its way.

The American Bisque Company in West Virginia and Nelson McCoy in Ohio were two of the leading producers of American jars. Their jars from the pre-1970s eras are the most rare and collectible. If you happen upon one, check the value in a collecting value book guide and see if it’s rare or valuable. They will be stamped with a specific maker’s mark on the bottom, so get to know those marks so you can spot a real one.

Sometimes in passing you will find a jar that just appeals to you for some reason. It won’t matter if it’s a valuable McCoy or just a no name ceramicCookie Jar Books piece. If you love it, add it to your collection. You will get years of joy from it and you can actually use it for cookies every day.

Cookie jars are a charming part of history that no one can resist. When starting or continuing a collection, look for jars that are in good shape and have no chips or nicks. Any marring of the paint or finish should be left as is as collectors pay top dollar for cookie jars in their original condition.

Betty Ann Sherman is a mother and a baker of tasty treats. She has a special passion for baking cookies, pies, cakes, and everything wonderful. Check back for updates from Betty on her delicious treat adventures.

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